Monday, February 11, 2008

Feeling a little blue

Last night Boy had trouble sleeping. He had been doing SO WELL up until the last week or so. He has been waking early, EARLY in the morning and hubby typically takes him if I am going to work, which I think is really lovely. But this morning, after an amazing day to buy a potty yesterday, I realized I have missed the opportunity to teach him almost everything. I missed teaching him how to sit up, crawl, walk, talk, stack, most of the early joys. And even thought I got to see all of the firsts, I wasn't the teacher. And now, I won't be the one to teach him how to use the potty that he is so excited about. I am really missing out. I figured that I have maybe 6-12 more months working and then I am going to be the primary caregiver and get to teach, but what will be left? I mean, I am missing a lot and I am not sure why?