Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Light burden

A friend of mine once told me a story about how it made her feel when she would leave her house for the day with her handbag, laptop bag, the Netflix return and her workout clothes while her husband walked out the door with his wallet. She reflected on this and was so angry that somehow her burden for the day was so heavy and her husband's so light. They talked about this and how it made her feel that she was carrying a greater burden for the family in this symbolic way.

Lately, my load has heavy, but I have been working hard to lighten it. Moving to a colder climate makes a heavier burden, coat, hat, gloves, purse, briefcase, gym clothes, Netflix, faxes, etc. I am working on this. I have started to leave the briefcase at work and only take the workout clothes when I know I need to. And then today it was unseaonably warm. No coat, no hat, no gloves, no briefcase, no Netflix, no faxes, just a purse. I cannot tell you how good it felt to leave the house with just a purse and head to work. I felt light and happy. I wish every day was like this morning! Amen to a springlike winter day!

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