Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Been a little quiet

The decision was made today that I am going to quit my job. We aren't sure if it means I won't work and hubby will, but we know that my current job is meeting its end. Funny when you realize things are not worth the strain. It is a liberating feeling knowing that you will give notice in a matter of weeks. This is the right choice. Some fights are not worth fighting and some things are more important.

This week I had two interviews and a third tomorrow morning. I am also being flown out to my ideal location for an interview next week. Hubby is also going to talk to his last employer about going back to full time. Regardless, life is changing. We are going to be moving back to the Midwest and my job is changing. I may be lax on the blogging in the coming weeks as we continue to refine our exit strategy and get things ready. I am relieved, happy, scared, you know all the emotions that come with big choices. Wish me luck!


serket said...

Good luck, it seems like you changed your mind pretty quickly. I am hopeful of the day I can give notice at my current job.

Working Mom said...

It might seem like I have changed my mind quickly, and many times, I do. This has been brewing for several months. I worked with my manager to disussed a reduced workload, that has failed. I have turned down a promotion and now, I am being looking at things from a bigger picture. Instead of asking what I can do for my company and what my company can do for me. I am asking the questions, what do I really want and what is driving my dissatisfaction. Much harder questions, but more satisfying.

serket said...

I worked with my manager to disussed a reduced workload, that has failed.

This is what I was talking about because you mentioned it in another post. That is unfortunate that the manager changed her mind already, but hopefully you can find something that is more fulfilling.

chlorinejenny said...

I think it is great for you to get out of there if that is wht you need.

I get a kick out of how organized you sound with phrases like exit strategy!

Most of us just frantically throw things in boxes and list our houses with realestate people and hope to hell that there is somewhere clean to move into when we get where we are going!

Working Mom said...

Turns out my reporting structure is changing and the promotion I passed on went to another who is not as interested in being flexible. Plus, gotta say, the work has gotten a little stale in the last year or so.

Thanks to you both for the kind words, I am getting nervous and excited about our next adventure.