Thursday, December 27, 2007

What a wonderful time!

This year I am proud to say that despite all of the chaos and upheaval, I had what really could be the perfect Christmas. I accomplished all I set out to do. I baked cookies, settled into a new home, trimmed a lovely tree, bought my son a bevy of gifts from Santa, and spent time with my family both core and extended.

This Christmas was full of joy, pride, warmth, love and happiness. What was last year's loneliest Christmas ever was nearly erased from memory by this one. We were surrounded by family and people who love us. We received small gift from my parents and they really gave their grandson really fun things. He learned who his grandparents are which is in itself a real gift.

Being back in the Midwest reminded me of all of the goodness in people. Little gifts and baked goods were left on my desk each day from coworkers. And seeing the wonder and awe in the eyes of my child brought me to tears of joy many times. He is growing up so fast. I am in such a better place now to be able to truly enjoy these moments and relish them as they only happen once.

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