Thursday, September 20, 2007

And then, you think you are Britney Spears

About a month ago Boy developed some staining on his teeth. I began a slow decent into freak out mode. I researched online about the staining (which was gray) to ensure it wasn't tooth decay. Because, if it was tooth decay, I am clearly the worst mom in the world, the worst! I learned instead it was likely to be due to too much iron in his diet. Here is how my head worked with that information: too much iron because he was formula fed because we couldn't figure out breast feeding meaning I am the worst mom in the world, the worst I tell you! So, I made an appointment with a dentist. I hung up i the process when I pictured this little angel in a dentists chair and gave our doctor a ring. We had our appointment on Monday where I learned I am NOT the worst mom in the world, simply a good mom who had a child with an ear infection and the meds discolored his teeth. huh, a good mom? really? What a releif!


serket said...

I'm glad you found out that you are still a good mom! Two of my cousins were having babies a few months apart and the one gave advice to the other about how to handle breastfeeding.

Working Mom said...

Oye! That is the most heartbreaking thing that ever happened. Which in hing sight means I have had a really nice life! It amazes me what I needlessly worry about.