Saturday, September 1, 2007


Hey there, just a note say hey and that I was back in the Midwest this week in an interview with an amazing company. I was impressed. Hubby and I are expecting offers by the middle of next week, meaning we should be making some key critical decisions in the coming week, and man, does my recycle bin shown it! Our options look like:

A.) Stay in our current location (very spendy market with no friends or family but gorgeous scenery and many lifestyle pursuits) but we expect the job offer to be a MAJOR increase in salary. Hubby would continue to stay at home
B.) Move to the Midwest (much cheaper market with lots of friends and family and no real lifestyle pursuits). The money would be a smidgen less than current Hubby would continue to stay at home.
C.) Hubby telecommutes from wherever, I stay home. We would likely make a slow move back to Midwest or cheaper western market that offers lifestyle pursuits, but no friends and family. The money would be less than current.

It will honestly be the toughest choice of our life. I have no idea what we should do, BTW, this is contingent on getting ALL the offers. Not getting all the offers would make this a lot easier, or harder...tough knowing.

What would you do???


serket said...

Just from reading some of the other posts, it sounds like you want to spend more time at home.

Working Mom said...

Good read!

chlorinejenny said...

friends, family, home!

You only live once!