Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The first trip ot the ER!!!

Having a baby boy is like trying to maintain control of a snot-covered eel on a case of RedBull sometimes. And my little bugger is something to behold in this area. He crawls up my hip when I carry him, sticks his butt out and walks up my side, honestly. So, it was a matter of time before we would visit the ER.

Last week (naughty blogger for not posting sooner!), little man who is trying to crawl lunged for the television stand and bashed his tiny face on the bottom of the stand. He cut his face. Now, our son is pretty much ALL cheeks. You've seen this kid, their cheeks are lower than their chin! And because the cut was near his cheek with all that meat, it looked gaping.

I clutched him, put on his coat and rushed to the ER, where they proceeded to make fun of me for coming to the ER for such a suferficial wound. Seriously said, you should maybe talk to your pediatrician about what constitutes an emergency, I mean, he is exposed to more germs here than he is getting treatment for his scratch - well fine! I actually found this whole experience funny and completely first-time mom cliche'd. Made me feel totally normal! YEAH!

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