Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Happy go crazy

I have post partum depression. I have never been depressed a day in my life. I have been so unbelievable lucky with great choices and outcomes my whole life. And now, I have this wonderful baby and am starting to get my footing here, but I have to take medication. It makes me so sad. I know it is chemical, but it is so alarming. I have always been decisive and driven and action oriented, now, I can barely get things crossed off my list, but because of the meds, I am fine with my list not getting done. I cannot wait for this to be over. If you have sadness and despair, get help, it is worth it and nothing to be embarrassed about, even though I am a little embarrassed! This blog is like therapy to me.


The Clifton's said...

I tried something for the anxiety and it made me soooo sick. I just decided to deal with the anxiety on my own. It comes and goes, but i think it's mostly b/c I have control issues. I can't control what this little guy does and it's so hard for me to surrender that.

Working Mom said...

That is my issue as well. I always had the answers or at least ideas on how to get the result I sought, but honestly, this is something I cannot get secure on. I am dying to get off the meds, I think it will be short term, so I am hopeful. I want so much to release the control, but it is so hard to release when all I do all day is control outcomes, or at least try! I just know it will get better. Thanks for reading and commenting.