Friday, April 13, 2007

Work babies

This is simply a rant that cannot be contained. I work very hard at my job and I take pride in the fact that over the years, I have developed a better filter between my mouth and my brain. I learned that honey is a better attractor than vinegar and I have become really skilled at getting the best from people. However, I have reached a breaking point over here and would like to rant about a work thing:

Please, for the love of GOD, take responsibility of your job, tasks and projects. I cannot cover for mistakes much longer. I cannot stand that people work so hard to say they want to be accountable only to point the finger of blame when things don't go great. I know where the bucks stops and generally, it stops with me, but COME ON! Help me out, recognize how hard it is to be accountable for everyone when no one will stand up and take responsibility when the crap hits the fan.

I guess what I am saying is TRY FOR ONCE to think what it might feel like to be me or my team when you spend your energy covering your ass and your mistakes.

At least this is preparing me for the day my son breaks a lamp and blames it on the dog. However, I am pretty sure he will do a better job of not completely pissing me off.

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