Monday, March 5, 2007

The greatest thing of all time!

So many of the moms I have met are so anxious for their babies to start crawling, walking, talking, etc. Me, I am all about the ability to sit unsupported. Even when my son was a little, tiny, thing, I was so excited for the day he could sit unsupported and play. Of course, I want to play with him. We bang pots and pans, pet the dog, bang more stuff together, play a drum, you name it. We can play and he can sit.

I, myself am not looking forward to the other stuff because it means mobility and it means more worry. Don't get me wrong, I am looking forward to the crawling and walking and talking, I am just not in any hurry for it. I like this sweet little stage. The world is so exciting and wonderous to him. His upright position gives him a new perspective on things. AND we can go eat at a restaraunt and he can be in a HIGH CHAIR. It is amazing the joy a piece of wood can give. OK, reading that back, it sounds incredibly naughty - hehe! But seriously, high chairs and babies who can sit in them completely rock!

I do, however, look forward to the day he can drive me to work!

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Selfmademom said...

I can totally relate- we are in the early stages of mobility and it's overrated!! Thanks for visiting my blog- I like your posts - I can totally relate!