Monday, March 5, 2007

Hello World

I am probably like a million other women who are trying like hell to make it all work. Home, work, family, love. We want it all. We want fabulous jobs and adorable babies. And we were told from the time we were able to unstand, we can do anything and have it all. I cannot decide if the problem is that I believed that or that I was foolhearty enough to try.

My work is fulfilling, my son is amazing, and somehow, I just don't know what I am doing. This blog is meant to be about all the things people should tell women about having it all.

I want to de-mystify the work/life balance thing. I want to help people realize they are not alone. I want to bring all working moms together so we can share in the challenges we experience every day.

And that endeavor starts now, today, with this post. So, welcome. I hope you visit often, I will try to post daily and I truly welcome comments.

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