Monday, March 26, 2007

Lack of focus

Is it me alone, or have you, too, lost all ability to focus. I cannot pay attention to anything for any period of time. I am contantly distracted and I wish so much I could get it back together. Does it get better?

Because I can tell you that the having a kid part has gotten AWESOME all of a sudden. We are hitting our stride. He is just such a little goof. Everything is funny to him, I love it.

Now, if I could just focus long enough to remember what this post was supposed to be about!


Selfmademom said...

Uhm, that's what it means to be a working mom. You don't remember anything of what you are supposed to do! Hey, do you have a feed? I like your blog and want to keep up to date...

Working Mom said...

The feed is at the bottom of the page - ugh! I am so happy you like the blog. Yours is awesome. I sure do miss Chicago!