Thursday, March 8, 2007

Well, how did I get here...

The Talking Heads summed up my day. Today is Gymboree day. For those of you who do not know about Gymboree, it is a wonderful experience for babies and children to have some social time and for parents to interact with their children and other parents. But beyond that, it is a time for you to leave your old self at the door and sit in a circle singing (with 9 other adults) The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round while sitting on a parachute with bubbles in the air. Seriously.

The whole time, you don't realize what you are doing and then, you kind of float above yourself and see what you are doing and wonder, well, how did I get here? Each and every Gymboree, I just laugh outloud because I am literally doing the things I would make fun of 10 years ago. I love that motherhood has mellowed me and pointed out the giant hypocrite I was. It is unbelievable fun to sing silly songs with your kid and dance in circles (without alcohol!). Either way, next time you are doing something completely rediculous, think about your old self seeing your new self and making fun of you. I can't stop laughing even now.

And then, I go back to work and try to solve really complex marketing and advertising problems without crazy songs in my head. It is no wonder I cannot focus in any aspect of my life. C'est la vie!

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