Monday, May 21, 2007

Business trips

I have never been one to like business travel, I was a road warrior for a few years. I have only been on two trips since the baby has been born. Tomorrow, I go, again. Man, I do hate it. I think about all I will miss while I am gone. I will miss one bath, two rocking to sleep, countless smiles, giggles, crawls and wiggles. I will miss two greetings coming home from work and several feedings. It is such a bummer. It is moments like these when I wonder over and over if it is worth it. There have been many moments of thinking about the worth of my work. I am currently considering having hubby go work for a year and then we alternate, makes it a little scary, but it is for sure a good consideration.

Until then...Ugh...air travel...EARLY! Here's hoping it is free upgrade day!

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