Saturday, May 12, 2007

Options are even different now...

I love opportunities and options. Just simply love them and if you read often, you know my current employ is driving me a little bananas. To sum it up, I am asked to absorb more than my fair share of pressure due to other people's failings and I find that unacceptable. So, I did what any person in my shoes would do, I updated my resume and shared with a few trusted allies that I am passively looking. Lo and behold, nibbles are coming in. One in particular has me intrigued. But alas, my new role as mom has put a completely different spin on the option.

This particular option would require me to relocate. Fundamentally, I am not adverse to relocating. I have not been in one place for more than 5 years since graduating from college. No, this relocation would be overseas! A dream of mine and my husband's for many, many years. One in which we gave up on since boy.

Now this great opportunity is in my court. Never would I have thought twice about moving overseas, but it isn't simply about me and hubby anymore, it is bigger than that, there are grandparents and aunts and friends to consider. There is boy himself, who I am sure would not mind at all, but the other people who care for him would sincerely mind. Although, his grandparents already live a pretty good flight away, but, it is not crossing an ocean. One set of grand'rents want to move to where we are, I wonder how that would work moving overseas. So much more to consider now!

When people say your life and priorities change when you have a baby, I always thought it was because of the baby, now I realize it is because all of the joy that the baby brings to so many other people is yet another way things change. Didn't see this one coming.

Stay tuned.

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