Thursday, May 10, 2007

Leaving baby - 1st time away

So, hubby and I left baby recently for some time away. So many of our friends prepared us to be upset and concerned and worried, oddly enough, we weren't...AT ALL. Now, this obviously should make me feel like a bad mom, but I didn't. Of course we missed him, but we didn't worry or feel bad at all.

What was awesome, was how he adjusted to a new person caring for him. I think we are really lucky. Our best friend came out and they were as happy as two peas in a pod. He did better for her than he does for us - that's what made me feel like a bad mom!!!

Needless to say, we intend to get away again. The trip was a short 36 hours. We will probably make it 48 next time. And it was GREAT. We completely misbehaved, acted like irresponsible kids, got way too drunk and had a TON of fun. Cannot wait til someone else comes to visit!


serket said...

I don't have any kids, but I think it is good that you found somebody your son likes and you were able to get away for a little while. There are probably a lot of factors in society that put pressure on mothers, but I think it is important to have a relaxing break sometimes.

Working Mom said...

It really is amazing how people expect you to feel and behave as a mother. And of course, how you envisioned it while you were pregnant. Eitehr way, you are right, it is great to find someone our boy is happy with so we can take some time away and be a couple again!