Friday, May 25, 2007

En Vacance

The whole family is taking off on a MUCH needed vacation tomorrow. That means many things:

First, I will not be blogging for the next week. My compulsive personality prevents me from taking a laptop because, frankly, I just cannot be trusted to not work. I hope while I am gone you will remember me when I come back and feel free to suggest some topics. I adore the comments and would like to have more interaction with the three or four people who read ;-)

Second, our family is going to take this time to really revisit our work/life strategy. I am over-worked and feeling very stressed about the landscape of work. I am secure in my job, just not enjoying it. The bad thing is I have a great gig, just sick of it right now. I am going to spend some time on vacation talking with my partner to find some answers to better balance my job, change my role or get out altogether.

Third, MORE TIME WITH MY BOYS. Upon my return, I am sure I will have countless tales of hilarity waiting to blog about.

Finally, I will be completely recharged. This vacation is taylored to give me and my family ample time to walk, talk, run and play. And my husband and I time to "reconnect".

Did I mention I needed this vacation and I cannot WAIT...Come to think of it, I am shutting this down and going to enjoy a beer on the porch with the hubby.

Happy Memorial Day!


serket said...

I hope you have a good vacation. My grandparents are staying on a ranch for the summer. I went up on Friday night and came back on Memorial Day. They ride a Ranger on the surrounding dirt roads. I had a good time.

Working Mom said...

Vacation was awesome, so needed. How cool was the ranch? Your granparents sound like really fun people.