Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Playing hookie

Lately my job has been an ego-crushing exercise in futility, so, today, I am playing hookie! YEAH! I remember as a kid playing hookie with my mom and dad every year. We would always go to the movies and out to lunch, it was the best.

Today, I just wanted to spend time with my men and play. I knew it would cheer me up and lighten my day. I was right. I am burning out from work and my little sparkler will help light me back up in the push before our annual vacation. I am sure this will not be a good example for boy when he is older, but maybe it will be. Showing him that sometimes you need to recharge and get some grounding.

And, this little time off and thorough annoyance with work has made me a better mom. Boy and I are connecting more than ever before. I love playing with him even when he is being a whiney little tired baby. Makes me wonder if I should stay at home for a few months. I may have to look into this idea. It is really making my rethink my approach to paying the bills ;-)

Be well and if you can, play hookie!

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