Monday, June 11, 2007

My in-laws make me bananas

Boy is approaching his first birthday which means an influx of visitors is on the way and that includes my in-laws. I know most people are annoyed by their in-laws, and I am not alone, but, what I am seeking is a better way to manage my annoyance of them.

These are the people who ruined boy' first Christmas, which I was reminded of when I was adding things to his baby book last night and I flipped to the "First Christmas" page and the line that followed, family and people who visited was BLANK! They completely screwed my, boy, hubby and my parents in their behavior on this one.

And then...MIL asks if SHE can make boy's birthday cake. Does she not realize that this would mean, I COULDN'T make the cake for his first birhtday?? She had her chance with her own kids. It is completely disrespectful and thoughtless. Which is why they annoy me. I am going to be addressing this one with my therapist next week, hopefully she will have a strategy for managing them better. They will not change and do not see what they are doing as disrespectful, so, impasse. But, they are involved in my life...ugh! Two weeks of them in my house...I am not sure there is enough wine in the world...


chlorinejenny said...

Oh my god! I soooo hate my MIL! I can't even write about her on my blog because she just happened to turn MY computer on -and low and behold my blog came up as my home page. What if she read it? She is the cheapest, most opiniated, meanest self centered person I can think of.

I feel your pain! And make sure you make Boy his birthday cake. If it is important to you,tell her straight out that you are doing it. Ask her to get all the party plates and hats, or put together appies or something instead.

Do you ever wonder why you can live with, and love your husband when he comes from her? Ha!

Working Mom said...

I constantly wonder where he came from. He is the most amazing man in the world. He was even so amazing he called his mom and told her that she hyjacked Christmas and it is not cool...Unfortunately, it was too late, but he did it. He always takes up for us and it makes me proud of my man all the time, but these people OYE!

So sorry you cannot blog about it. If you want, email me what you would like to say and I can make you a guest blogger!

This site helps me so much to get out the feelings I have without the worry of anyone knowing what or WHO I am talking about.

BTW, I will make that cake and it will ROCK!

chlorinejenny said...

A guest blogger! That sounds like fun! You too! We can switch blogs for a day or something!

I feel the same thing about my blog. It clears things up in my head. I didn't feel like writing today though.

Anonymous said...

I had trouble getting along with my mother-in-law for a few years, but somewhere along the way I decided to concentrate on being a good daughter-in-law. That made all the difference. I love her dearly and she thinks I'm the cat's meow.

Don't let the birthday cake be a big deal. Nothing wrong with, "Thanks, we have that covered."

Working Mom said...

That is an approach I have not tried in awhile. I have tried it in the past, and I have to say, it backfired eventually. But, you are right, try again. I do believe if you have a problem, you need to look at yourself in the equation too. Thanks for the reminder and for reading!