Monday, June 25, 2007

Now, I am a mom

Just time for a brief update. I actually feel like a mom now. I am so proud of myself and this weekend created lifelong memories for me of Boy and I. I thought I was doing something nice for my hubby by sending him out of town for some man time, when in fact, it was a gift to myself. The gift of time, confidence, experience, love joy, all of it. It was just lovely. Here are the ways it was different than normal:

I can procrastinate tasks
Life is very time sensitive

Split focus on work and home
Total focus on Boy

Filled with sound
Quiet much of the day aside from my own voice!

Unlike a marathon, there is no finish line to many work pressures
Just like a marathon, just keep moving forward

Needless to say, at least now, I know what I am missing. Thanks for your support in this endeavor. I am sure more thoughts will come to me about the time I spent, but, I have to say, I am actually energized at work today. I needed that! Now, need to look at all my options.


chlorinejenny said...

That was a really nice post today. I like the quiet times. It helps me to think. I'd really miss that if I had to go back to work full time.

I'm glad you got some good memories of this weekend.

Oh yeah, I tagged you in a meme today, so if you have time come on over to get the details. It's an easy one.

See you!

Working Mom said...

I love that I have made a friend in you by blogging. Being so far from friends and family is taking its toll. I always read your posts and am inspired by your honesty.

chlorinejenny said...

Thanks WM. I'm just me. It feels good to get me out! I have no idea what people think of me, but I really enjoy blogging. I tried at first to be something else, but it wasn't honest. I is what I is.

I think of you as a friend even though I don't know your name or where you live etc! And that you are a VIP with a really big girl job and I'm not! Its a start.

For this meme, write that you were tagged by me with a link to my blog.(Do you know how to link?)

I just cut and pasted everything Tug said and then wrote my own. It was six things you do blah blah at night.

Then, if you know any other bloggers out there, you tag them with a link to their site and just notify them. Do you know many bloggers? Oops. I didn't think of that!

It is a type of chain letter! And sometimes you will get new readers and new links to go to. Purely fun!