Thursday, June 21, 2007

Note: Limited blogs this weekend

Hi awesome readers,

I will be a stay-at-home, single mom starting tonight, therefore, I may or may not have a chance to blog. Check back on Monday for an update, unless I find a moment to capture some thoughts. I am a little nervous and have very low expecatations of what I can get done, but I am sure I will have fun! Possible topics for Monday include:

*Hubby ordered back to work
*Another trip to the emergency room
*I am never leaving Boy again

Happy weekend and be well,

Briefcase Mama


chlorinejenny said...

Hey, you'll do great! Oh, and take your laptop out of your fancy briefcase, set it on the coffee table, while boy is playing toys, and blog away! Don't be afraid of the crumbs hurting it, they won't!Oh, order pizza! Lots of it! Then you don't have to cook!

If you need anything, email me and I'll give you my #!

(that is for WorkingMom, not weirdo creeps and loosers!)

chlorinejenny said...

So its Friday night, my son poked me in the eye today while my husband was out of town, I have been in pain all day and you know what? I am wondering how you and boy are doing?!

I'm gonna check back tomorrow as well to see if you have posted or replied to your comments.

Take care!