Friday, June 22, 2007

Seriously, I rule!

I totally did it! I was scared that I would not be able to, but I did. I thought maybe I would have a meltdown or buckle under the pressure to entertain, but I stayed at home with no help from anyone and was a mom.

Boy did really well. He was obviously confused as I am much mushier and less hairy that his normal care-taker, but I even flung him in the air, flopped him around on the bed, went for an epic walk with Boy and Dog and even went to Gymboree. I fed him, changed nappies and put him down for two naps. Now, I am sure you veterans at this are like, yeah, so? Well, sure, yeah, so? But I did it. I am not exhausted (yet). I managed to shower, eat all my meals and check email a few times.

I do now see how lonely this job is and that it feels very isolated. Sorry it is like that. Now that I have experienced that, I think I need to come up with a new tool, technology, something to help stay at home parents to keep them from feeling so alone and isolated. I am so impressed with my hubby and everyone that takes this responsibility on. And I am so proud of me and Boy.

Jenny - sorry about your eye, are you ok?!?


chlorinejenny said...

Tylenol 3. Wonderful stuff!

Glad to hear you made it! Sometimes it is so tough to be alone all day with a little person. Good going.

Mary said...

I am a WOHM so I can't fully relate, but my husband is in a band and when they go away for gigs, I am all alone all weekend with my son. God bless SAHM's. It's hard work!
Have you ever gone to ivillage? They have message boards and groups for the month and year your child was born. I think a lot of mom's go on there so they can compare/commiserate together.

chlorinejenny said...

Hi WM! I hope you had a great weekend!