Monday, June 18, 2007

My sister is mean

When I was born, my sister really was sad to share the spotlight. We were born 4+ years apart with different fathers. She spent most of her life resenting me and I spend most of mine trying to get my cool older sister to like me. Until I grew up. I saw that she was a selfish malcontent who blamed everyone else for her problems.

I tried hard to help her, gave her advice when she asked and supported her the best I could. Even when she would hit me and lash out. Even when she would mercilessly tease me. Even when she was dating a married man whose wife was pregnant with his third child. Even when she decided to marry said loser TWO WEEKS before my planned wedding. Even when she was mean and cruel. I tried to be there for her and help her. Then, she cut me out of her life. And all I could feel was relief. My parents were so sad, me, I was truly nonplussed. Hubby was thrilled. Then, she did the same thing to my mother.

Now, as I have mentioned in other posts, my mom is no motherhood prize winner, but, she ALWAYS stood by my sister and she was WAY worse to my mother than to me! She made my mother's life impossible when my sister was growing up and blamed my mother for all her problems. My mom was not relieved, she was hurt that she was cut out, but, when that is your kid, what are you to do? The only person my sister has not cut out was her adopted father, my dad.

Yesterday was Father's Day and you know what, the mean, mean girl sent my dad a father's day card. Mom and dad are now so puzzled, poor dad wonders if this is an olive branch. Me, I think it is a waving armed selfish shrew who fears and hates that she is irrelevant. An olive branch would be a MOTHER'S DAY CARD!

These are the sort of things I stay up at night and try to fgure out how I will explain this to Boy...

- End of rant


chlorinejenny said...

A cousin of my husband has cut his mom, dad, brother and sister as well. His mother is dying. He sometimes contacts them to confuse them and hurt them. It's painful to see.

I try to stay away from negative people. They are toxic and they age you.

It sucks your sister is a looser. Get a good sleep. She's not worth the thought power.

serket said...

Well you still turned out well, even with a poor mother and a mean older sister.

Working Mom said...

Thanks! Mom did the best she could, which I am learning is harder than anticipated! Sis, well, she is what she is and not in my world, so, YIPPEE! Thanks for the kind words. BTW, Boy is SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!