Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I try and try to get started on an exercise program (meaning, going for a 3-mile run 4-5 times a week) and without doubt, I fail at every turn. I go for walks each day with the family, but it isn't a run. I want to drop these pesky 25 pounds, but I am unable to leave my buddy to go run. I can't get up early because, well, I hate getting up early. It is a Catch-22. I just need to commit. I need to find the 35 minutes I need each day to dedicate to myself. I know it is the right thing to do, but, when I get home, Boy is so excited to see me, I just can't leave! Maybe during the day...I would love suggestions on how any of you find the time?!?!


chlorinejenny said...

Perhaps trying Curves on your lunch break?

It's 30 minutes 3X a week and you are done.

Maybe it will get you started again and you might meet some other woman in your position.

When you get happy with that, add in your running and you have a very well rounded exercise program.

A suggestion.

Working Mom said...

LOVE IT! It is amazing how we think alike. Today, I am spending an hour locating a personal trainer who will come drag me out of bed or my office and go work out. If I was about to fork over a pile of $$ for a tummy tuck, I could invest 1/2 of it on a trainer for 2 months until I get into the swing. How did you get motivated/find the time to train for your 1/2 marathon?

JRT-ESS said...

I am in the same position. I need to lose 25 pounds and have cut back lots but need the motivation to get back to exercise. I love working out at the gym but maybe curves this time. perhaps I will cave and run like hubby and chlorinejenny. But I would rather walk etc and do weights.