Thursday, July 5, 2007

Getting my way

One of my favorite things in life, beyond Hubby and Boy is getting my way. I simply feel it is sublime and when I don't get my way particularly when it is a grand idea, oooohhhhh, it makes me mad. I love THOUSANDS of miles away from my parents. And I love them, they love all of us so much so that they are going to uproot their lives and move out here. Problem is, they cannot manage to find a buyer for their home. The home has been on the market for nearly 9 months. It is priced competitively, problem is, they live in one of the tough markets. It sucks. They are so sad and I am so sad. They are missing things they want to be involved in.

Hubby and I do well. We have saved our whole lives and can afford a lovely home and a good amount of spending cash. I recently got a nice raise at work for my efforts and we were thinking, why shouldn't we invest in a condo in our market and offer it to our parents while their home sells. We love this idea. It is monthly investing, it gets them out here and when they do sell their home, they will have a base of operations and to top it all off, when they leave the condo, HUBBY'S parents can stay in the condo when they visit! Everyone wins. I love this idea. It is brilliant.

So, I present this to my parents who say, "well, we don't think so." In my mind, this is just plain stubborn and silly. I wish they would tell me why not with an answer that makes sense. They won't meanwhile, it is driving me crazy...I feel like Boy..."I WANT MY DADDY!!!!"

I think we are going to buy the condo anyway, it is a good investment in our market and I think we can get it leased. Seriously, doing things my way work out, promise!


chlorinejenny said...

If you can buy a condo, do it! What is the benifit of working your butt off for years if you can't spend it on something as reasonable as a real estate!

I'm lucky we just moved closer to my folks. We are only 3 hours away, but I still miss my mom like crazy and wish they could live here.

Um, don't tell your inlaws about it...You don't want them to over stay their visits!

Is this week Boy's birthday?

Working Mom said...

I think we are going to go to some open houses. You are lucky, it is nice to have people close you trust.

As for the in-laws this gets them out of my house and if they want to stay a month, fine, at least it isn't in my basement!

Boy turns one later this month...