Sunday, July 1, 2007

What a week!

So sorry for the lack of blogs. It sucks when you check someone's blog each day and there is nothing new. I hate that too, which is why sometimes, I write a number of posts in advance for weeks like I had last week, but alas, I did not this time. So, here is a recap of my week, highs, lows and everywhere in between.

Boy danced for the first time, man, that was unbelievably cute
Boy also mastered waving hello and bye bye, also stupid cute
Finished a big home project and now we will have more time on our hands
Had a great date, saw a movie (oh do I love that George Clooney!)
Went to a dog park early in the morning with the family. Good times!
Got a client who was not happy to be happy and got to be creative in the process
Had a few headhunter calls, one of which will lead to an interview tomorrow. Listening is always a good idea in my shoes.
Got a complement from the meanest client I have ever worked with

Miserable melt down on Tuesday, cried and cried and cried and made my hubby feel just terrible.
Had a tough time getting boy to sleep one night
Had to put in two 12+ hour days this week and one 10+ hour day
Listened to whiney employees compllain about their cushy, high paying jobs - WAH!
Was unable to get cracking on the exercise
Said meanest client ever cut their spend in half, completely screwing up our quarterly forecast which will lead to an angry call from leadership next week

In between

Looking back this week was comprised of moments of greatness and despair. I am not a big fan of that type of week, I am hoping this week with bring more time for family and blogging.

This week should be interesting. I have a few dates with girlfriends( I know, I am making some!), a job interview (for which I sorely need to stop blogging and prepare for!), and a holiday weekend. This week should be much better!


chlorinejenny said...

My ideal job would start at 11am, lunch would be at 12pm, back to the office for 2pm where I would stare thoughtfully out the window while getting a pepicure/manicure/ massage until 3pm, blog until 4pm, and then home in the company Jeep after that!

...It could happen!

chlorinejenny said...

I came by to check on you to make sure you are alive!

I hope your real life is well.

Email me if you want to.

Happy July 4th!

chlorinejenny said...


Working Mom said...

Funny - My day today looks like this:

8 a.m. con call with client in India
9 a.m. call with boss
12-1 Pedicure with great team member
1-3 Children's museum
3 p.m. back to the salt mines!
5 p.m. go home!

Some days, this job RULES.