Friday, July 13, 2007

Good lord, people

Flying is a pain in the arse. Getting to the gate is a painful exercise in insanity and bureaucracy. I absolutely abhor the TSA. It is an example of how dysfunctional our government is. Each place has different security measures, which is what I thought the TSA was supposed to, no.

And then, there are the flight attendants, gate agents and crews. Most of the time, they completely rule in the face of pompous, entitled passengers. (BTW, who are you people who just sit in any old seat?!?! That is MY SEAT!!)And then, they can suck beyond all recognition of humanity.

I have flown hundreds of thousands of miles in every class available. Crying, wailing babies, toddlers who kick seats with a raucous fury are part of the deal sometimes. But, seriously a toddler chattering is no cause to boot someone off a flight. Shame on you, you are rediculous! Sorry you had a bad day, but honestly, lighten up! And to say that a mom should drug her child and control a 19-month-old is fundamentally absurd. And then to say you were threatened, what an abuse of fear!I hope that attendant is at last reprimanded, if not asked to leave. Harsh, yes, but stranding a mom and toddler in a strange city because you ran out of patience, THAT'S harsh!

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serket said...

Other passengers who witnessed the argument were stunned, and came to Penland's defense.

Even some of the passengers thought it was outrageous! I can understand being annoyed by a noisy child, but he would probably have calmed down after a little while.

I have never flown in an airplane. Although I did go on a short helicopter ride at a fair and it was really neat! My dad was telling me about one airline (Southwest?) that does not assign you seats, it is basically open choice depending on the order number of your ticket.